Strategy Background

Cloud Isn't a Place
It's a Strategy.

At Sturdy, we approach every project with a strategic view of your business. We’ll develop a custom roadmap and architecture that ensures you’re not only maximizing the possibilities of the cloud, but also unlocking opportunities to execute better and more profitably. We’re cloud architects, software engineers, and business strategists rolled into one mean, lean machine.

opportunities to execute better and more profitably. We’re cloud architects, software engineers, and business strategists rolled into one mean, lean machine.

Do More in The Cloud
Services Background

The Cloud. Plus Superpowers.

We design, architect, deploy and support custom SaaS applications and solutions for the Internet of Things, including connected medical devices. From strategy to migrations to DevOps, we can help you.

Applications Background

Industry Aware.

Our clients come from an amazing variety of industries, and our team is intimately familiar with SaaS, mobile and IoT. We also have a large practice focused on the healthcare space, serving life science applications and connected medical devices.

The Sturdy Difference

DevOps Experts

Our team has deep experience applying DevOps techniques in virtually every industry. More than just buzzword-bingo, we know and understand DevOps. We’ll build your solution using infrastructure-as-code so you can refine and reuse these processes again and again. We’ll also leverage repeatable best practices, automation and continuous integration to help you go to market faster — with fewer errors and less risk.

Advanced AWS Consulting Partner

Our team is staffed with AWS certified architects, engineers, and developers who have years of experience working in the cloud. In recognition of our experience, we have achieved the prestigious status of an Advanced Consulting Partner. That means we really know how to harness the platform to increase your scalability, availability, security, performance, while controlling cost.

Software Development Experience

We’re the brainchild of a software development team. With developers embedded in our team, we can help architect your solution to most effectively leverage the cloud. We understand the difference between off-the-shelf software and custom software. And if you prefer a one-stop-shop, our team can deliver end-to-end solutions built to work beautifully in the cloud.

Business and Market Strategists

We might be nerdy, but we know that technology is only a means to your ultimate goal: to work faster, better and more profitably. We pride ourselves on being able to see problems — and opportunities — ahead of the curve. We build personalized roadmaps to align with your specific business model and objectives, while continually seeking ways to outperform your competition and deliver first-rate customer experiences.

Experienced in Regulated Markets

As agile as we are, our team also has deep experience in complying with, and delivering the required artifacts for, regulated markets. Medical device manufacturers with IEC 62304, ISO 13485, 21 CFR, and HIPAA requirements, and SaaS vendors with PCI requirements, rely on us everyday to help them comply with these standards and regulations.

Made with Love, in California

Our team works under one roof in Southern California, maximizing collaboration, communication, and our talent pool, while reducing time-zone challenges. We believe the best outcomes happen when you bring together talented people who are also fanatic about communication and client success.

We've worked really hard to deliver incredible software. Sturdy has given us the ability to quickly and confidently innovate in the cloud, and deliver software to exceed our customers’ expectations.

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