Software as a Service

SaaS providers must move mountains of dynamic data, scale up and down as needed, meet high demands for speed and security, and do it all with zero downtime and cost- efficiency. That’s why we specialize in building and deploying infrastructure for software that’s highly complex, yet perfectly suited for your business needs. It’s SaaS without the sass.

Web Applications

Companies today must respond to customer demand in real time — even when traffic spikes at 3 a.m. We leverage the scalability and reliability of AWS to power even the most demanding web applications. Scale up server capacity in seconds to handle insane workloads and instantly downshift on demand. Pay only for what you use. What a concept.

Mobile Applications

Enterprises are moving mobile apps into the cloud to cut costs, offer global access, and accelerate transactions at the speed of the smartphone. But it’s not one cloud fits all. We’ll help you solve the challenges of developing, deploying and iterating in the mobile environment. Our goal is to get your app to market fast — without compromising on performance or security. Sweet.

Internet of Things

The convergence of connected devices, data, sensors and cloud can create huge value for your company. But seamlessly linking your physical and digital worlds can be tricky. We make sure your hardware behaves nicely with the cloud, taking advantage of modern software architecture to deliver the reliable experience your customers demand. Learn More...

Medical Devices

Cloud-connected medical devices hold enormous promise for both businesses and patients, and can literally save lives. But with increased capability comes greater complexity. We’ll create a solution that’s not only HIPAA-compliant, but also highly secure, always available, and easily scalable. Tap the cloud to expand the breadth and depth of your operations.

Life Sciences

Life sciences companies are increasingly leveraging highly complex, collaborative tools in the cloud to discover new drugs, develop new products, manage supply chains, cut costs, and accelerate their go-to-market strategy. Want to join the gang? We’ve got you covered. We’ve worked with a multitude of companies to turn biological data into real results, for patients and businesses.