DevOps Services


Our team has deep experience applying DevOps techniques in virtually every industry. More than just buzzword-bingo, we know and understand DevOps. We’ll build your solution using infrastructure-as-code so you can refine and reuse these processes again and again. We’ll also leverage repeatable best practices, automation and continuous integration to help you go to market faster — with fewer errors and less risk.


Sturdy provides a full range of DevOps services – from transformative migrations, to ongoing Managed DevOps:

  • Expert Migrations - Migrating to the cloud shouldn’t be scary. We’ll make your move as painless — and powerful — as possible. Whether you’ve got complex legacy workloads or you're looking to launch a lean mobile app, we’ve done it all. Accelerate your transfer to the cloud without compromising your security, best practices, or performance.
  • Strategy & Architecture - We start and end with your specific business needs in mind, mapping them to the most appropriate AWS services to unlock every benefit that the platform has to offer. We’ll take a deep dive into your requirements for functionality, financial impact, and security — and go further to find ways to make your business run better.
  • Cloud Deployment - Deploying cloud-based software is no joke. It’s not as simple as lifting and shifting your application to run in the cloud. A successful implementation increases your scalability, resiliency, elasticity, and availability. Don’t know what all of this means, exactly? Don’t worry. We’ll launch your technology stack seamlessly so you can stay focused on growing your business.
  • Automation - Take advantage of the cloud to move away from manual engineering work. We can build automation systems to cut down on error-prone, time-consuming processes. It all starts with well-designed, repeatable architecture. Simply put, automation improves your bottom line by cutting operating costs and improves customer service by making your software run better.
  • Software Development - Building apps for the cloud presents unique challenges — and opportunities. We’ll help you sidestep the surprises while ensuring that you maximize performance, cost savings, and speed to market. We were born out of software development, so we know how to create industry-leading technology and also understand how developing in the cloud can be a very different beast.
  • Managed Services - With your infrastructure in the cloud, you need a team that’s always ready to respond to any mission-critical issues or outages. That’s us. Depending on your needs, we can be on call 24/7/365. We’ll monitor for emergencies, as well as optimize your load balancing, scaling, and redundancy. And we’ll always work to improve your costs, performance, and security.

How Sturdy Can Help

Before it was called DevOps, our team was building and deploying applications. Our unique approach comes from our years of experience.

  • AWS Premier Consulting Partner - Our team is staffed with AWS certified architects, engineers, and developers who have years of experience working in the cloud. In recognition of our experience, we have achieved the prestigious status of an Premier Consulting Partner.
  • Software Development Experience - We’re the brainchild of a software development team. With developers embedded in our team, we can help architect your solution to most effectively leverage the cloud. We understand the difference between off-the-shelf software and custom software. And if you prefer a one-stop-shop, our team can deliver end-to-end solutions built to work beautifully in the cloud.
  • Experienced in Regulated Markets - As agile as we are, our team also has deep experience in complying with, and delivering the required artifacts for, regulated markets. Medical device manufacturers with IEC 62304, ISO 13485, 21 CFR, and HIPAA requirements, and SaaS vendors with PCI requirements, rely on us every day to help them comply with these standards and regulations.
  • Made with Love, in California - Our team works under one roof in Southern California, maximizing collaboration, communication, and our talent pool, while reducing time-zone challenges. We believe the best outcomes happen when you bring together talented people who are also fanatic about communication and client success.
  • Healthcare Experience - We’ll help you discover how you can expertly capture, store, and deploy critical patient data in the cloud. We’ve done it for loads of clients from every corner of the healthcare space. Leverage the full power and flexibility of AWS, all while ensuring that your infrastructure is secure, HIPAA compliant, and highly efficient.
  • Business and Market Strategists - We might be nerdy, but we know that technology is only a means to your ultimate goal: to work faster, better, and more profitably. We pride ourselves on being able to see problems — and opportunities — ahead of the curve. We build personalized roadmaps to align with your specific business model and objectives, while continually seeking ways to outperform your competition and deliver first-rate customer experiences.

Why Sturdy?

In order to put together an effective solution, we believe you need the right expertise on the team. We bring integrated hardware, software, and firmware developers, cloud-ops engineers, and usability designers. Then we mix-in modern agile & DevOps practices, plus project managers with a rock-solid record of on-time delivery. The end result is your project delivered on-time, on-budget, and above expectations.

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