Automate Operations

Minimize Friction. Maximize Your Cloud. Rinse & Repeat.

Take advantage of the cloud to move away from manual engineering tasks. We leverage the latest automation tools to eliminate time-consuming, error-prone processes. It all starts with well-designed, repeatable architecture that can spin up exactly the right server environment when you need it — nothing more, nothing less. Automation liberates your precious IT resources, increasing operational efficiency, time-to-market, and agility so you can outmaneuver the competition.

Crush Complexity. Simplify Everywhere

Knowing how to provision and deploy the complicated virtual systems that power the cloud is critical. We use automation tools like CloudFormation, Terraform, Chef, Docker, Ansible, and Puppet to scale up and down your computing power without human intervention. By using infrastructure-as-code to automate the process of setting up and configuring virtual machines, changes to your IT software are made rapidly and reliably — with less error and fewer risks.

Services Include:

What you'll get

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True DevOps

Unite development and operations teams to support continuous integration and continuous delivery of software improvements in agile environments. Standardize and optimize the process of automating your operations.

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Custom-Built Framework

We’ll configure the best combination of automation tools from AWS and partner providers like Chef, Hashicorp, and Docker. Design, build, deploy, and update your infrastructure with minimal hands-on engineering.

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Security Automation

Encrypt data everywhere, easily and affordably. Leverage AWS architecture that’s built for the most security-sensitive organizations. Automate the continuous detection of security risks for 24/7/365 protection.

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Operational Efficiencies

Automate infrastructure builds and code deployment to get more out-of-the-box cloud benefits, while freeing up precious tech resources and keeping IT teams away from repetitive manual tasks.

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Agile Deployment

Allow for the continuous deployment of new infrastructure within minutes (rather than days), radically accelerating time-to-market for your innovations and avoiding the lost opportunity of prolonged failed deployments.

Case Study

Surfline cuts costs and boosts performance with transformative automation


Surfline is the top online destination for real-time surfing-related information, and specializes in providing surf conditions and other ocean-weather data around the globe. has built the largest streaming coastal HD cam network available on the Web. With a mission to enable enthusiasts to pursue peak surfing, the site has attracted an audience in the millions by merging data-driven surf forecasts with high-quality editorial content.

The Challenge

To enable the scientific models that power its worldwide surf and marine forecasts, Surfline handles an enormous amount of data on a daily basis. The company approached Sturdy to migrate their environment to the cloud while designing a solution that supported automated deployments and infrastructure management with no downtime.

The Solution

Working closely with the Surfline engineering team, Sturdy simplified and automated all deployment processes using a combination of Chef, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Sturdy brought DevOps best practices to Surfline, fully integrating development and operations.

The Result

The resulting environment is completely automated, enabling multiple daily deployments as a result of continuous integration and delivery. The time and cost to produce surf and weather forecasts was reduced, while increasing service uptime and reliability by orders of magnitude. Surfline also significantly reduced the number of late-night alerts to its engineers.