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Built for the Cloud. Engineered for Your Business.

Building applications that excel in the cloud presents unique challenges — and opportunities. Sturdy began as the brainchild of forward-thinking software engineers. As programmers-slash-architects, we understand how to optimize operations for the cloud environment, whether you’re creating native apps or migrating for the first time. We’ll help you sidestep the surprises while maximizing performance, cost savings, and speed to market.

Software At Your Service.

Cloud computing requires a new way of thinking about architecture and design. Unlike software sitting on dedicated servers in your IT room, cloud-based applications are meant to scale horizontally from the get-go. With terabytes of storage and bandwidth instantly at your disposal, the challenge is figuring out ways to process the most data at the fewest CPU hours, minimizing your infrastructure costs. Of course, you also need to plan for failure. Good thing we’ve created software that’s been battle-tested by Fortune 500 companies and nimble startups alike.

We Don't Just Do Cloud.

Sturdy began as the idea of a couple of engineers doing custom web development. We have a long track record of building mission-critical applications for a multitude of industries. Let our team of cross-discipline engineers turn your next brilliant idea into a real product, fully optimized for the cloud from the get-go. We don’t just deliver lines of code. We’ll partner with you on every stage of the product lifecycle, from concept to QA, to production. Post launch, we’ll manage your cloud needs and grow along with your application and business.

What you'll get

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Integrated UX + Dev + Ops

Enjoy the advantages of Sturdy’s unique interdisciplinary process combining superb web design and UI/ UX, custom software development, and DevOps approach to cloud architecture and management.

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Custom Software Specialists

With experienced developers, create customized solutions built to ensure that your applications are optimized for the cloud.

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100% California-Made

Our entire team works under one roof, maximizing collaboration, communication, and resources, while reducing time-zone challenges. We don’t use sub-contractors, ensuring quality control and on-time deliverables.

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Compliance Know-How

Deliver on performance and security while meeting strict compliance in regulated markets. Medical device manufacturers and SaaS vendors with numerous regulatory requirements rely on us every day to meet their needs.

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Agile Approach

Our inherently agile approach allows for careful control over project activities and deliverables, while leaving room to adapt quickly to new challenges. By embracing a culture of experimentation, learning and iteration, our team builds better products faster.

What do you need?

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Software-as-a-service demands zero down-time, while still moving mountains of dynamic data, scaling up and down as needed, meeting high demands for speed and security, and cost-efficiency. Your success hinges on providing this flawless customer experience. That’s why we specialize in building and deploying infrastructure for software that’s highly complex, yet perfectly suited for your business needs.

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A well-designed web application needs to scale seamlessly through the peaks and valleys of unpredictable traffic. It also needs to stay resilient despite unexpected failures, whether in a single instance or an entire availability zone. Luckily, within the AWS platform, it’s possible to build fault-tolerant, auto-scaling, and self-healing systems with lower fixed costs and no single points of failure. Over the years, Sturdy has developed the rigorous expertise to build and deploy this kind of resilient infrastructure.

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Today, customers expect flawless execution across devices. And so should you. We’ll help you deliver on the promise of a cloud-enabled, mobile-friendly experience. But it’s not one cloud fits all. Let us solve the unique challenges of developing and deploying highly scalable apps for the iPhone age — battery life, bandwidth, and storage, among other thorny issues. We’ll get you to market faster, without compromising performance, reliability, or security.

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Nearly 30% of all software projects fail to launch, and many more require twice as much time and money as expected to deploy. Talk about terrible return on investment. We won’t let this happen. At Sturdy, you’ll tap into a decade of experience successfully deploying custom applications on AWS — the ideal infrastructure platform for SaaS apps. We’ll even re-engineer your legacy IT using a cloud-native approach, focusing on improving performance, availability, scalability, and automation. And we’ll do it all at the highest level of utilization possible to maximize your return on cloud spend.