Create An IOT Prototype

Connect Your World to the Cloud.

The connected device economy has arrived. Put yourself at the forefront of this wireless frontier with a cloud-connected product that performs beautifully from the get-go. We’ll collaborate closely with you to quickly determine the technical and business requirements of your project, architect a solution that taps the power of Amazon’s IoT platform and related tools, and deploy a prototype to show you what’s possible. Avoid cost overruns, delays, and potential failure with our team of AWS IoT-certified experts.

Accelerate Your Time To Value.

IoT technology promises to bring new revenue streams and more intelligent ways of engaging with your customers. But first you need to develop a working prototype on your way to creating a viable business model. Let us simplify your IoT journey, leveraging our years of experience working with connected devices in numerous industries, including highly regulated markets such as health care and financial services. Move quickly from idea to prototype to increased profits.

Services Include:

What you'll get

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Strategy Sessions

Tap our deep expertise in building connected products before you ever commit one line of code. We’ll work with your team to understand your business needs, head off technical hurdles, and uncover opportunities.

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Custom-Built Framework

We’ll configure the best combination of tools that integrate directly into the AWS IoT platform (Kinesis, RedShift, Lambda). Design, build, deploy, and update your infrastructure with minimal hands-on engineering.

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End-to-End Testing

To ensure the viability of our proposed IoT solution, we’ll run the application through real-world, real-work conditions from device through the network, cloud, user interface, and enterprise integration.

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Security & Monitoring

We’ll build end-to-end protection of devices and the data they handle so your application is highly secure and scalable. We’ll also create a monitoring plan to maintain the reliability and performance of your AWS solution, while safeguarding against a catastrophic, multi-point failure.

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Compliance Guarantee

The IoT environment presents unique compliance challenges. We’ll make sure your application delivers on reliability, performance, and security while meeting strict regulations in highly regulated markets, including health care and financial services.

Case Study

Frac-chem; from chemical supplier to managed services provider


FRAC-CHEM is a Lafayette, Louisiana-based oilfield chemical manufacturer & wholesale chemical supplier offering standard and custom-formulated chemicals. Rapid response and dedication to providing the highest quality service set FRAC-CHEM apart from their competition; not just a chemical supplier, but a service company that supplies chemicals.

The Challenge

FRAC-CHEM desires to strengthen their position in the market by evolving from a liquid chemical supplier to a fully managed services solution. By switching to a new ‘dry chemical’ hydration system, FRAC-CHEM is able to differentiate themselves from other liquid-chemical suppliers as a fully managed services provider. In addition to the cost savings of shipping dry powder over liquid chemicals, the new system allows for real-time data monitoring for each hydration unit for clients to visualize, monitor, and provide guidance to teams in the field allowing for real-time adjustments on factors such as:

  • The quality of water going into the machine
  • Optimal usage of the machine for maximum lifetime usage
  • The quality of chemicals being outputted
  • 1st and 3rd party data or factors such as weather, geography, and soil
  • Likelihood of failure of the machine

The Solution

Sturdy worked closely with FRAC-CHEM to build a custom IoT prototype, including hardware, firmware, software, and cloud infrastructure. The solution:

  • Hardware retrieves the data over the existing Hydration unit serial port and transmits information to the cloud over that automatically selects Wi-Fi, cell, or satellite, guaranteeing the most reliable and cost-effective connectivity option for a given deployment location
  • Utilizes key AWS services, including AWS IoT, DynamoDB, S3, and CloudFormation.
  • Developed the device software stack to transmit all data received from the serial port to the AWS IoT service
  • Developed cloud-side applications to parse and store data in AWS
  • Developed a web-based dashboard to visualize the collected data
  • Installed and integrated the custom solution onsite for FRAC-CHEM

The Result

The finished IoT prototype was successfully installed on a hydration unit, which was then shipped to a working customer site -- where it has been collecting and transmitting data since it arrived. Long term, the data and analytics gathered via this solution will:

  • Improve quality and control costs for FRAC-CHEM and FRAC-CHEM’s customers
  • Enable real-time billing, allowing FRAC-CHEM to more quickly invoice and collect
  • Enhance FRAC-CHEM’s “managed service” positioning to provide data-driven services to clients, optimizing operations while managing cost