Expert Migration

Migrating to the cloud shouldn’t be scary. We’ll make your move as painless — and powerful — as possible. Whether you’ve got complex legacy workloads or looking to launch a lean mobile app, we’ve done it all. Accelerate your transfer to the cloud without compromising your security, best practices, or performance. No, it’s not too good to be true.

Strategy & Architecture

We start and end with your specific business needs in mind, mapping them to the most appropriate AWS services to unlock every benefit that the platform has to offer. We’ll take a deep dive into your requirements for functionality, financial impact, and security — and go further to find ways to make your business run better. Because cloud is strategy.

Software Development

Building apps for the cloud presents unique challenges — and opportunities. We’ll help you sidestep the surprises while ensuring that you maximize performance, cost savings, and speed to market. We were born out of software development, so we know how to create industry-leading technology and also understand how developing in the cloud can be a very different beast.

Cloud Deployment

Deploying cloud-based software is no joke. It’s not as simple as lifting and shifting your application to run in the cloud. A successful implementation increases your scalability, resiliency, elasticity, and availability. Don’t know what all of this means, exactly? Don’t worry. We’ll launch your technology stack seamlessly so you can stay focused on growing your business. Learn More...

Managed Services

With your infrastructure in the cloud, you need a team that’s always ready to respond to any mission-critical issues or outages. That’s us. Depending on your needs, we can be on call 24/7/365. We’ll monitor for emergencies, as well as optimize your load balancing, scaling, and redundancy. And we’ll always work to improve your costs, performance, and security. Scout’s honor.

Automation, DevOps, CI & CD

Take advantage of the cloud to move away from manual engineering work. We can build automation systems to cut down on error-prone, time-consuming processes. It all starts with well-designed, repeatable architecture. Simply put, automation improves your bottom line by cutting operating costs and improves customer service by making your software run better. Can’t argue with that. Learn More...