Sturdy has partnered with global names in the health care and connected medical devices to leverage the full power and flexibility of AWS, all while ensuring that your infrastructure is secure, HIPAA compliant, and highly efficient. Sturdy will help you architect, design, build, deploy, and manage your healthcare applications and help you discover how you can expertly capture, store, and deploy critical patient data in the cloud.


The Healthcare industry faces many of the same challenges as other large organizations, but with additional regulations that layer complexity:

  • Compliance - Storing patient data in a HIPAA-compliant manner
  • Security - With complex and high-profile hacks announced every day, end-users are increasingly aware of the risks of trusting their data to service providers
  • Connectivity - Synchronizing data between systems, in-hospital server products, EMR systems, the cloud, IoT, and mobile applications
  • Scalability - Scale to terabytes of storage for data, images, and videos
  • User Experience - In Healthcare, a polished user experience can be the difference between wide adoption and a flop, and may even help save lives
  • Flexibility - Solutions designed today must be flexible to address tomorrow's problems so that you can stay ahead of the competition

How Sturdy Can Help

We understand the challenges of connected medical devices and can expertly guide the process:

  • Fully-integrated, on-shore, software & hardware design and implementation
  • Cloud architecture & engineering services from a born-in-the-cloud team
  • User experience and visual design to create compelling user interfaces, with designers who sit next to their development counterparts
  • DevOps principles baked-in from the start -- continuous integration/delivery, integrated development & ops, and full-stack automation
  • Managed services for the long-run; once it's all up and running, we'll be here to help you monitor and manage your new environment

Why Sturdy?

We’ll help you discover how you can expertly capture, store, and deploy critical patient data in the cloud. We’ve done it for loads of clients from every corner of the healthcare space. Our team has extensive experience in complying with, and delivering the required artifacts for, regulated markets. Medical device manufacturers with IEC 62304, ISO 13485, 21 CFR, and HIPAA requirements, and SaaS vendors with PCI requirements, rely on us every day to help them comply with these standards and regulations.

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