Migrate Applications

Move to the Cloud. From the Ground Up.

The cloud can transform your company. But migrating from your on-site servers can be complicated, risky, and disruptive. Think data downtime, instability, and inoperability issues. Sturdy has the expertise to accelerate your infrastructure transformation without compromising reliability, agility, or security. We’ll make sure your applications work flawlessly in the cloud so you can stay focused on what’s important — growing and innovating your business.

Fewer Costs. Bigger Benefits.

We know that migrating to AWS seems like a daunting task. We’ll guide your team every step of the way. We start with an extensive analysis of your existing technology stack so we have a clear view of your consumption patterns, workloads, and performance needs. Then we craft a migration strategy that emphasizes greater efficiency, flexibility, and lower costs, while identifying potential obstacles and risks to mission-critical applications. Move to the cloud without a hitch — whether you’re migrating off-the-shelf software or need custom software development.

What you'll get

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CI & CD for the Cloud

Modernize your infrastructure with continuous integration and continuous delivery. Deploy and configure management and monitoring tools, automatic scaling strategies, high availability, and disaster recovery.

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Performance Improvements

Enhance the customer experience with faster response times. Ensure scalability so your application can handle ever larger workloads without consuming excess resources.

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Infrastructure as Code

Automate all of the provisioning, updating, scaling, and deprovisioning of infrastructure. Leverage automation to reduce errors, cut costs, and enhance IT resilience, especially for large, complex environments.

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Zero Downtime

Go ahead and go about your business as usual. No need to reboot complex systems during or after the migration. Your customers will have no idea that you’ve just moved to the cloud.

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Zero Snowflakes

We’ll configure your servers using code with tools like Chef, Puppet, and Ansible. This ensures consistency throughout development, testing, staging, and production, and saves time with replicable processes.

How the migration process works

  1. Assess

    We go through an extensive discovery process to understand your current and future business needs, organizational readiness, existing workloads, current architecture, and data mapping. We’re looking to uncover opportunities for greater efficiency and avoid risks down the road.

  2. Design

    By leveraging the right automation tools, we develop a detailed migration plan that minimizes manual, error-prone customization. We’ll then kick off the first test migration sprint to verify the run books and cut-over procedures.

  3. Deploy

    Once the migration has been battle tested and our design verified, we begin full-scale migration to the cloud. Your operations should hum right along without disruption. Nonetheless, our team stands ready to respond to any downtime or other mission-critical threat.

  4. Enable

    We perform the final synchronization and cut-over procedures, and live users are seamlessly sent to the newly deployed target servers with no loss of data or security flaws. Our QA engineers review everything to make sure the migration is air-tight.

  5. Manage

    Post migration, Sturdy’s got you covered with our optional managed services program. We’ll continually monitor and optimize your new infrastructure, taking care of preventative maintenance and emergencies alike.

Case Study



Hubble builds reporting and decision support software for ERP data. In 2015, the company launched a cloud-based real-time data analysis suite. In doing so, the company moved beyond just ERP data to provide their users insight across any data source.

The Challenge

A maker of reporting and decision support software for ERP data, Hubble retained Sturdy to migrate its desktop application to a cloud-based SaaS solution.

The Solution

Sturdy automated the deployment of a new region and a new customer through the heavy use of CloudFormation and Chef, creating both a shared infrastructure and a customized solution for each new customer.

The Result

Within a year, Hubble deployed several customers in three global regions. New regions are now brought online within hours, and customer on-boarding occurs within minutes — as opposed to days or weeks.