Create A Cloud Strategy

Don't Get Lost Looking at the Trees

With all of the hype around “moving to the cloud,” it’s easy for companies to get consumed by the technology. At Sturdy, we understand that winning at innovation requires more than just good tech. You need a comprehensive strategy that recognizes when the cloud can be transformative — and when it’s not the right answer. The cloud isn’t just something for your IT team to figure out. Cloud is strategy.

Transform With Strategy, Not Just Tech.

Embracing the cloud-based environment has its advantages: near-zero hardware costs, just-in-time infrastructure, pay-as-you-go usage, operational agility, anywhere-anytime access, and more. Do you know what’s even more powerful? Better customer service, delightful digital experiences, and products that people love to use. We’ll make sure to accelerate your cloud adoption, while making sure the technology is designed to deliver on your ultimate vision.

Services Include:

What you'll get

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Strategic & Economic Roadmap

Gain a holistic view of how the AWS platform can impact your business, figure out the ROI model, and align your business innovation with your IT efficiency so you improve on both.

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Integrated UX + Dev + Ops

Enjoy the advantages of Sturdy’s unique interdisciplinary process combining superb web design and UI/ UX, custom software development, and DevOps approach to cloud architecture and management.

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Transformative Migrations

We specialize in custom-built cloud architecture — not simple “lift-and- shift” jobs. We want to position your organization to adopt cloud innovation at scale. Learn more about our migration process.

Learn more about our migration process.
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Workload Assessment

Successful cloud adoption hinges on a thoughtful, thorough analysis of your current workload. We’ll extensively evaluate your integrations and dependencies, determine your cloud readiness, and decide on your customization and service level agreement needs.

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Custom-Built Framework

We’ll configure the best combination of automation tools from AWS and partner providers like Chef, Hashicorp, and Docker. Design, build, deploy, and update your infrastructure with minimal hands-on engineering.

Case Study

Athrex’s transformative move into the cloud


Arthrex is a global medical device company and a leading provider of orthopedic products. With a mission of helping surgeons treat their patients better, the privately-held company pioneered the field of arthroscopy and has developed more than 8,500 innovative products and procedures that advance minimally invasive orthopedic surgery worldwide.

The Challenge

A global medical device company, Arthrex approached Sturdy to connect its new line of endoscopic camera systems to the cloud. The company sought a solution that would:

  • Store patient data in a HIPAA-compliant manner
  • Synchronize data in real-time between camera systems, in-hospital server products, EMR systems, the cloud, and mobile applications
  • Liberate patient information and endoscopic images/video from the hospital and into the cloud
  • Offer a hybrid approach to connecting physical-world surgical centers with cloud-based services

The Solution

Sturdy worked closely with Arthrex to fully tap into the benefits of the AWS ecosystem, providing systemwide architecture, detailed software design, user experience design, software engineering, and various DevOps practices. The self-healing environment is built and deployed in a fully-automated manner using CloudFormation and Chef.

The Result

Called the Synergy Surgeon Vault, the finished product supports thousands of physicians across the globe, providing them with real-time, remote access to critical surgical information. The power of the cloud also enables modern collaboration and reinforces Arthrex’s leadership role as a technology innovator in its industry.